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Sewing by appointment

Remember those days of ballet, music, and piano lessons that your parents prepaid for?. Many times schedules were created with school and family norms in mind, but payment was usually structured on a monthly basis. So, if you got sick or went away on a vacation you often lost the money you paid for the classes that you missed during that period of time. Furthermore you had to commit to giving up every Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night for the next 8-10 weeks. With little room for deviation or last minute adjustments, you often had to make hard choices about participating in ballet, sports, chess club, or band practice. And what about our poor parents who had to cart us around to all that stuff? It is amazing we had the ability to keep up month after month.

Fast forward to today and things haven’t changed much. Families and individuals are busier than ever, but we at Made By Me Academy did not want sewing to be an “either/ or” situation. “Not having enough time or not being able to find the time”- is one of the main reasons given for not taking up sewing, despite a genuine interest. While sewing does require routine practice and consistent participation to build skills and ability, there is room for a little flexibility and convenience.

That is why we offer appointment style, one-on-one lessons, where students can learn at a pace and time that best suits them. And it is not just good for students, it is good for the studio too. We want to be able to provide personalized attention for the students ability level, project goals, and interest level.

Group lessons can feel rushed, overwhelming, and wholly unproductive, especially if you get stuck in a step and the rest of the pack has moved on.

Plus it is hard to find a time when a majority of interested class members can actually meet. Some students like to come seasonally and some like to come every week.

Finally interest among a group can vary wildly. Some of our students are interested in becoming a designer and other students just want to make amazing handmade gifts.

Whatever their desire, appointment style lessons allow us to meet the needs and challenges of each student at their pace and on their schedule.

Need more information about available appointments and classes, feel free to browse our website at or contact us at

Best Wishes and Straight Stitches,


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