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Measuring a Blazer

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Select the button that matches the service you are looking for:

     Availability to perform sewing services varies throughout the year, so check our calendar early and always allow the minimum lead time for the type of work requested  before your "need by date". 


Express Service is offered but is subject to availability, and requires an additional rush fee.

     We specialize in women's wardrobe alterations and sewing, but will perform men's basic sewing services such as hems and repairing zippers and replacing buttons.  Contact us for specific requests.

     All pricing depends on the service and time needed to perform work requested but you can contact us for estimates at

In House Alterations

For appointments done at the studio use the listings in this section to book your appointment. 

Need an estimate?  You can view our pricing guide, or contact us at for more specific pricing.

Mobile Tailoring

The tailor comes to you.  Use the listings in this section to schedule appointments done at a home or office location of your choice. Some limitations apply.  A courier fee and 12 mile radius limit will also apply.  You can find basic details in the service description, or you can learn more here.

Try now and save 40% off courier fee.  Use code "MOBILE24"

Need an estimate?  There is a courier fee for all mobile appointments that the guest pays at time of booking, however pricing for the requested alterations follows our standard estimates found on our pricing guide. The courier fee does not apply to alterations fees.  For more assistance or specific estimate requests, contact us at for more information.

Custom Sewing

For appointments for a custom sewing or made to order project use the listings provided here to book your appointment.

Need an estimate?  Pricing for custom projects varies from project to project.  An initial estimate is provided during consultation.  The $50 consultation fee can be applied to final balance if an order is placed within 30 days of consultation.  For  more questions about custom projects contact the studio at for more assistance.

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