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 Meet the 

My Story:


    I have always had a love and a fascination for pretty dresses especially bridal and formal wear.  The idea of dressing up like a princess garbed in satin, silk, lace, and sequins was just so exciting to me as a young girl.  I thought when I grew up I would love to own at least 10 or 20 different gowns inspired solely from my own imagination.

     It was the idea of this fantasy wardrobe that first stimulated my interest in sewing.  It was a skill I knew I needed but didn’t really begin to appreciate until I began studying fashion and clothing construction.   Sewing opened a whole new world of possibility for me. I felt like I had discovered a hereto unknown superpower: 






  I could make myself; and anyone else for that matter, look fabulous just by skillfully stitching fabric and thread together. 



I gained more than a fantastic hobby; I had found my life’s passion.  And I have been trying to find a way to make it my life’s career ever since.

      Naturally you might be thinking (and everyone always asks), “Why don’t you live and work in New York City?” 

      Answer, I studied and earned a Degree in Textiles and Apparel from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.  After college I even worked briefly for the Fashion industry in New York City.  I gained experience working directly in the Bridal and Formal wear Industry as a Pattern and Sample maker.  I enjoyed the exciting environment for a time, and I learned a WHOLE lot, but I am just not a Big City Girl.  As a result of my experience there, I became resolved; even before the internet really became a staple of everyday life, that I would find a way to establish the sewing life I wanted to live, in a place I could wholly thrive.

     That is how I came to settle in Chattanooga.  It is a small but energetic city with a vibrant community and is conveniently located an easy driving distance away from neighboring "Big Scene" Cities.   There is a small but active community of aspiring designers, talented artists, and fashionable clients with whom I can share my many years of experience. This is also a place where I can pursue my outdoor adventures and satisfy physical goals as well.

      It is my pleasure to be the creator and owner of InKandycence, a design studio for sewing, art and design.  That includes my roles as instructor of Made By Me Academy; a school for sewing fashion, and design;  as well as the Designer and Artist for Kandyce's Closet and Made By Me Gifts, my online stores; and as experienced dressmaker for the Kandyce Hudson Designer Dress shop, providing made to order designer creations for Bridal, Formal, and Holiday.  I look forward to using my passion  and my experience to cultivate the next generation of Southern makers and shakers, all while contributing to the expanding arts and business  community in this Scenic City.

See you soon!


Kandyce in Floral Relief



My Credentials:

Name:  Kandyce Hudson

Occupation:  Designer, Artist, Maker

Passion: Creativity through Sewing, Beautiful Dresses


      -30+ years of sewing personally and professionally

      -Degree in Textiles and Apparel from Cornell University

      -2 years as an Industry Pattern and Sample Maker

      -7+ years as a Women's Bridal and Formal Dressmaker

Skills & Talents:

      -Creative Enthusiast

      -Patient Coach

      -Reliable Guide

      -Substantial Sewing Resource experienced in fashion, clothing construction, and the creative process.

      -Dedicated Fabricholic----  Yes it is a real thing and a real plus for creative types like me!

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