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How to use our Mobile Tailoring Services

Updated: Apr 2

If you need the services of a great tailor but find it hard to get to the tailor’s shop, consider Mobile Alterations.  It’s tailoring for the busy individual who needs alterations, but desires a fitting and delivery service in the comfort and convenience of their home or office.

So you like the look and feel of clothes that are custom shaped to suit you and your style, but finding time to carry your favorite pieces to the local tailor is hard to do. Wouldn't it be nice if you could schedule the tailor to come to you.

Introducing Mobile tailoring services from InKandycence Sewing Studio. You book online and find a time from our calendar that fits your schedule, then provide us with the location details and get ready to meet us at the home or office location of your choice, for friendly and professional alterations service at your door

This service has a courier fee and is limited to addresses within a 12 mile radius of the studio.  If you are further away and still need service, contact us for more customized assistance.  

Turnaround time will still depend on the type and amount of alteration service you are requesting, but generally speaking allow at least 10 days lead time for wardrobe items, and 21 days lead time for bridal, formal and specialty items.  During peak Spring and Holiday seasons allow even more time as availability fills up fast.

Interested in having a tailor at your door.  Here is how it works: 

Step 1. Book Online

Find a time on our calendar that best fits your schedule and service needs.  


Your booked appointment time includes a 30 minute arrival time for the tailor.  So if you book an appointment for 12 noon, the tailor will arrive between 12pm and 12:30pm.  

Step 2. Submit full address

2.  Submit the appointment address in the booking notes and any pertinent instructions for entry.  Include a correct contact phone number as well, in case your assistance is needed to gain entry.  

Remember to include floor and office number for work locations.  If your building has security or door man let us know as well.  Also if your complex has a gate, please provide the code in your booking notes.

Tailor is not responsible for time lost sitting at a gate, receiving desk, or other security barrier.  No refunds or reschedules will happen for incorrect or incomplete address or access information either.

Include a correct contact phone number as well, in case your assistance is needed to gain entry.  

Step 3. Make sure you are in the service area

Mobile Tailoring Appointment locations must be within a 12 mile radius of the studio to book with the online listing.  If you need to meet at a location that is further than 12 miles from studio, please contact us directly at for assistance and pricing.

Step 4. Double Check your location details

Studio may decline to service the request for mobile services, if the address or even access to the address is deemed unsecure or unsafe or unsuitable for any reason. Some reasons that might apply are unsecure or dark entry ways, aggressive pets, and aggressive neighbors.

Ideally the location should be well lit, clean, and have some sort of area for the client to change comfortably.  A full length mirror is helpful but not required.

  • If the studio determines they cannot service a provided address, an alternate address may be requested or a refund for the appointment would be issued.

Step 5. Submit payment to reserve appointment

Submit the required courier fee to book and reserve your mobile tailoring appointment.  Courier fee covers the price of pick up and delivery of your altered garments.  The fee does not include or contribute towards the cost of the requested alterations.

Step 6. Tailor arrives for appointment

Tailor arrives at the reserved time to take your fitting and mark adjustments for alterations.   Appointment window allows for up to 40 mins for this process.  

Step 7. Limit one person per appointment

Please only one client per appointment. If you have two or more people needing a  fitting at the same appointment, please contact the studio using the mobile group listing for more assistance.

Step 8. Please observe garment limits

Limit 4 wardrobe items or limit 1 bridal or formal item per appointment. Tailor will not accept more than the maximum number of garments in any one visit.

This ensures that we complete needed fittings in the allotted appointment time and that we also finish and return your alterations order in a timely manner as well. 

Step 9. You will be invoiced once work is completed

Payment for the courier fee is submitted when you book an appointment.  Afterwards payment for completed alterations work is invoiced via the email submitted during booking.  Payment in full is done online before delivery. This is the preferred and recommended method.  If the client wishes to pay for their service balance in cash, please let the tailor know during pick up and fitting.  Keep in mind payment for completed alterations is due before or upon delivery.  No orders with unpaid balances will be returned to the client without payment in full.

Step 10. Return Delivery

Courier fee includes delivery back  to the fitting/mobile pick up address.  Changes to delivery address will incur an additional fee and are subject to studio approval.

Step 11. Final Tips

Day of appointment, remember to  have  the garment to be altered on hand and wear proper undergarments and shoes during fitting, so that we can make the best possible measurements for alterations.

Also remember to check and clear the pockets of your altered garments. The studio is not responsible for items left in the pockets of garments submitted for alteration. While the tailor attempts to check the pockets of submitted garments, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure nothing of value is attached to the garments being altered, not just because that item could become lost, but also because it could be damaged. Thank you for your cooperation.

To determine if you are in the service area use studio address: 4120 Maple Terrace Lane, Chattanooga, TN 37406

Check our availability now

Ready to sign up for your mobile tailoring appointment. Visit our Appointments page to see what available dates match your schedule.

As always if you have questions or need to inquire about other accommodations,  contact us at

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