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Sewing Ability: Find the Level that is right for you

Have you always wanted to try sewing, but don't know the first thing about Home Sewing Machines? ....No Problem Do you know the basics of Sewing and want to take your skills to the next level? ...No Problem Are you comfortable sewing curtains and pillows, but really want to make your own signature Trench Coat? ...No Problem

We teach at all levels of ability.  Find the level that is right for you.

BEGINNER CLASSES, teach the building blocks or basics of machine sewing, familiarizing students with home sewing machines and their functions, as well as teaching them about fabrics and introducing them to easy home sewing patterns. INTERMEDIATE CLASSES, take basics and start to overlap skills and introduce more specialized techniques for use in more detailed patterns and projects. ADVANCED CLASSES, teach students at this level about sewing and constructing projects from advanced home sewing patterns that involve more steps and require the use of more difficult sewing techniques.  Students work on bigger, multiple step projects that require larger investment of time and focus. CHALLENGING CLASSES, are for students who are proficient home sewists and are now pursuing dynamic concepts like pattern manipulation, color theory, and working with a combination of fabrics and sewing techniques to create elaborate projects with optimal results. The "Recommended Skill Level" for any class can always be found in the description section of the class listing.  If you have questions about which "Skill Level" your abilities fit best feel free to Contact Us and we will assist you with skill assessment.

Skill levels intend to describe the students skill level as follows:      a.  "All skill levels welcome."  -Means anyone who can or cannot sew      b.  "New Beginner."  -Assumes a student with little or no sewing experience on a home sewing machine, needs to start with machine basics like threading a machine, winding a bobbin, choosing stitches, and loading needles.      c.  "Experienced Beginner."  -Assumes a student has basic sewing machine knowledge and can ready to build beginner level sewing skills and create beginner projects.      d.  "Intermediate."  -Assumes a student understands the basics of sewing, is comfortable operating a basic home sewing machine, and is ready to learn more.      e.  "Advanced."  -Assumes the student can use specialized techniques on advanced sewing patterns, is ready to explore pattern alterations, and wants to expand the types of fabric they work with.      f.  "Challenging."  -Assumes the student is ready to combine advanced sewing techniques, with pattern manipulation, and work with a variety of challenging fabrics.

*SPECIAL NOTE: While we can answer questions about how to use various industrial, computerized, and specialty embroidery machines, We focus primarily on teaching students how to use and master sewing using a basic home sewing machine  model and the classes are intended for that purpose.  If you wish to learn more about more elaborate machines contact us first so that we may refer you to the proper alternative vendor.  Thank you!

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