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It's finally here, the Studio e-Gift Card!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Give the Gift of Sewing this season with one of our new E- Gift cards. Easy to give and easy to love, just buy a gift card online and let them “create” the perfect present. 

Our gift cards are convenient, thoughtful presents for the creative members of your shopping list.  Give a gift in any amount you choose*.  There is no need for wrapping, shipping, or delivery.  You just need their name and their correct email address**.  They are always in stock, certain to fit, and you pick the delivery date***

Key details to keep in mind:

*Minimum purchase is $25.  There is no maximum amount at this time.  If you are considering amounts of $5000 or more, please contact us for consultation.

**Gift Card is redeemed via an access code, or gift card number.  This special access code will be sent to the recipient’s email address you (the purchaser) provide.  Please be sure to confirm their email or have the code sent to your email so that you can then share that code with the recipient

***Gift cards are active for 24 months from date of purchase, so choose amounts that can be utilized easily in that time frame.  Beginner students spend an average of $540 per year.  More advanced students often spend more.

Aplicable Limits and Restrictions:

Gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to a new recipient by the studio.  However the original recipient or “owner” of the gift card may share the code with others or use the gift card to purchase services and products for others.  As long as the gift card has funds, and is being applied to eligible services, whoever has the access code may spend the funds linked to that card.

Studio is not responsible for "unautorized" uses of the gift card.

When a refund is applicable, purchases made with a gift card for services and or products, that are then cancelled and or returned, will be refunded back to original owner of purchasing gift card as a credit to the existing gift card, or absent that option, credit will be issued as a new gift card, again to the owner of gift card used during purchase.

At this time Gifts Cards cannot be applied to the purchase of studio payment plans or Class Passes.  However they should work in combination with promo codes.  

Finally gift cards have to be purchased individually and separately.  At this time  if you want to purchase more than one gift card you have to purchase and pay for each one in separate transactions.  You also can’t pay for other services in the same transaction when purchasing a gift card.  So if you are booking a class and want to buy a gift card for a friend you have to pay for your class in one transaction, and then pay for the gift card in a second transaction.  It is a limitation the developer is working to overcome, but for the moment a few extra steps are required.

To purchase now, click here.

If you have any questions please contact us at:  We will be happy to respond as quickly as possible.

Best Wishes & Straight Stitches


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