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BOGO Gift Card offer 2023!

Now thru Jan 15, 2024

Buy One $50 Gift Card and Get One Bonus Sewing Class

Buy One:

Purchase a $50 gift card to give to someone or to use for yourself.  A $50 gift card will cover the price of 1 regular priced class ($35-$45) and leave a balance remaining.

Get One:

Once the gift card has been used to book the first class, the cardholder (recipient) can then request and receive a discount code (not to exceed a value of $40) that will reduce the price of their bonus class to $5.

How to purchase:

Select the amount you wish to add to a digital card

Select whether the card is for someone else or yourself.  If it is for someone else you will need their email.  The Gift Cards is delivered electronically to the recipient’s inbox.

Select a delivery date

Purchaser can add a message for the recipient as well

Follow the prompts to submit payment and place your order.  

Purchaser will receive a confirmation email and the gift card will be delivered to the recipient's email. 

How to redeem:

Read the  instructions listed there.  Proceed to follow the steps outlined by heading to the class menu ( Once you have made your selection and the form asks how you want to pay, select “pay for this session”.  The payment page will offer you a box to enter and apply your gift card information.  You should receive an email confirming the booking.

How to request Bonus Class Discount Code:

To be eligible for a discount code,the gift card has to be purchased during the promotional period, and the recipient has to request a discount code, after booking first class, by no later than December 1, 2024.  

Ideally the recipient will request the discount code while attending the first booked class.  But the recipient may also request the code by email, after booking first class.  Simply send an email to:  

In the subject line type “Request for Bonus Class Discount Code.”  In the body of the email, the gift card holder should write their  name, email address associated with the gift card, and if they have it the last six digits of the access code.  Also indicate if you need a code for a regular or Youth class.

A unique discount code will be created and sent to the gift card holder in an amount  (not to exceed a value of $40) to supplement the remaining balance on their card for the desired type of bonus class they wish to book.

Need assistance?  Contact the studio at 615.601.1550 or email

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