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BREAKING FREE IN 2023!..Embracing the Possibilities

No, that is not a picture of me above, but it's not hard to imagine myself in a similar pose on the morning of Saturday July 15th, 2023.

While the country celebrated the anniversary of its independence this past 4th of July, I will be officially celebrating my independence as a fully self employed individual at the end of this week. And I couldn't be more excited.

Ahhh the sweet feeling of freedom!

This isn’t my first time attempting to run a business. When I was just a few years out of college, I got one of those crazy notions ( that twenty-somethings tend to

get) that I could just strike out on my own and create my own business. I had had my fill of traditional employment, and of using my youthful time and energy towards the goals of other less imaginative, soul killing, corporate job positions.

And so, rather uncharacteristically, I decided to take a leap.

It's kind of weird to imagine that now, because I have never really been the outgoing type. In fact I am pretty sure I am the textbook definition of a Classic Wallflower: Quiet, Shy, Reticent, awkward, and a very reluctant trailblazer. Yet, despite my introverted tendencies, I have always contained a big imagination, and a rather strong independent streak. That, plus just enough fire in my bones to take a chance, meant I began formulating a big move.

So I leaped.

And then I fell. Turns out I should have maybe formulated a little bit more. I bruised a couple of financial knees and elbows. Still, falling didn’t put out the fire or satisfy my thirst for financial freedom and more control over my own time. It only curbed my enthusiasm temporarily. Soon enough I was back at it, planning how I was going to leap again, this time with greater desire than before.

So yeah this isn’t my first attempt, but it has been my most experienced venture to date. I carefully researched and thoroughly prepared to start this enterprise. Yet, it has still been an arduous journey, with twists, turns, bumps, and unplanned and unforeseen events (Like a PANDEMIC!!!).

Many times along the way I have found myself often questioning my judgment, vision, and capability. I think that is a normal aspect of the entrepreneurial journey.

No one likes to make mistakes, because missteps stress your finances, dampen aspirations, and they also undermine your self confidence. Worse, some mistakes haunt you longer than others and it can be a real struggle to break free from persistent self doubt and the nagging fear of failing yet again.

I have experienced all of that and yet I still believe this is the only path forward for me. That is all the permission I need to go after the future I see for utilizing my time, talent and energy. I trust myself to blaze my own trail, and I have big plans for InKandycence Studio starting in July 2023.

  1. I am going to make sewing cool and accessible in Chattanooga.

  2. When I am done, everyone who doesn’t sew is gonna wish they did.

  3. And I am no longer going to relegate sewing to a side or part time business, I am going to make InKandycence my full time business, and possibly give up side hustles altogether.

So my new leap officially starts Saturday, July 15, 2023. I am breaking free and embracing all the possibilities that full time work in this, one of its kind, Chattanooga sewing school can bring me, and by default bring to my students as well.

Stay tuned as I do it and feel free to send up a prayer or two.

Thank you for supporting My Personal Legend.

Best Wishes & Straight Stitches


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