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The Discover Sewing! Summer Test Team

My All Star Team! from left to right: Ava (background), Lily, Lauren (seated) and Vivian

When it comes to sewing I really know my stuff, but when it comes to teaching, I still get a little nervous in front of an audience. I worry I am going to talk to fast, or explain things too much. When you have been sewing as long as I have you can forget what it was like to be a beginner. Taking that into consideration I decided before I offered my classes to the general public I needed to bring in a special team of experts to help me fine tune the teaching/ learning experience. Meet my official Sewing Explorers of 2019: Vivian, Lauren, Ava, and Lily.

You may wonder how I convinced a group of talented young ladies to give up a week of precious Summer Vacation time, to come sew with me. It helps if the testers are budding fashionistas with a modern sense of style, a creative imagination, and a desire to conquer new things. It also helps if you send a really cool invitation, as well.

I made these cute invites with printed cardstock and fancy stickers. I wanted to send an invite they couldn't refuse!

Fortunately for me they all accepted. And what great learners they turned out to be. I worried the project of gathered pants, flannel shirt and stuffed toy might be too much for Beginner sewists to undertake. But I was confident at the same time I had the skills and patience to successfully guide them through the steps needed to complete an easy brand commercial pattern. Happily they quickly and easily grasped the fabric and sewing basics of the project.

Our Beginner project was a pair of custom pajamas with gathered pants and pullover top.

Once we were all gathered together we got down to business learning machine basics, taking measurements, and cutting pattern pieces out of fabric. Then I guided them step by step through the basic sewing construction process.

At each step we navigated through a range of emotions; everything from excitement and a sense of adventure, to frustration and confusion, and finally ended with laughter and a mixture of relief and accomplishment. In the end I think we all learned a little something about the teaching/ learning sewing process and how both can be a rewarding and fulfilling use of one’s time and energy!

I look forward to hosting the girls again in one or more of my upcoming “official” sewing classes.

Good Job Ladies!!!

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