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Its a great time to Fall in Love with Sewing

For me 2022 was a great year. I felt like it was a productive time for my personal sewing and my professional sewing. I made numerous projects for myself, my students, and even for a professional fashion show. After the uncertainty of the Pandemic in 2020 and the arduous, reorganizing and recovery of 2021, it was good to experience a strong comeback in 2022. I almost didn’t want it to end. LOL!

So I decided to take some time at the start of this new year to really think about what it is I love about sewing and how it has managed to sustain my interest and enthusiasm for so many years and through so many of life’s twists and turns, ups and downs. What I have come to realize is sewing is more than a hobby or passion for me. It is what I was made to do. I was designed for this purpose. I know this because I am always the best possible version of me when I am sewing. It brings out all the strongest aspects of my personality and character and minimizes the weakest aspects. I think if more people understood all that they could accomplish through sewing, they would eagerly seek out sewing too.

Still, all sewing work is not created equal and there are some projects I actually don’t like to do, like alterations. I don’t hate them, I am actually good at them, but it is not the all day, everyday kind of sewing I like to do. I imagine a really good chef feels similarly about making grilled cheese. It’s an easy skill but not exactly sparking the creative juices.

That got me thinking about what makes people fall in love with sewing, or at least take an appreciative interest in it. As I went in pursuit of answers I decided to make that the focus of my blog this February. (Oh yeah I decided to start a sewing blog in February!) My plan is to examine the various reasons people sew, provide inspiration for why they should sew, and then outline ways they can get started in Sewing; either through my school, Made By Me Academy, or through other sewing activities or schools in their local area.

The way I see it is, if people can see and experience all the reasons I love sewing, they might find a reason of their own to fall in love with sewing too. Thanks for tagging along as I pursue my Personal Legend!

Best Wishes & Straight Stitches.


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