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The Art of Sewing

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At InKandycence, sewing is so much more than needles and thread.  It is a way of creating, and in that creating expressing all the qualities that make us uniquely fashioned individuals. 


I personally love the way sewing lets me communicate my sense of style and my sense of play. Everything I make or imagine has elements of bright, whimsical, fun threaded into the details. Sometimes it is just experimenting with prints and fun uses of color.  Other times it is taking a new approach to classical shapes or reinventing a familiar silhouette.  In every instance sewing is about creating something new, and cultivating a sense of adventure through craft and artistry.

If this is the type of experience you would like to have with your next project, contact me.  I would love to create for you.

Continue now to my menu of services to learn more about what I can do for you, or just contact me, at,  with your project needs and let's get started creating something new.

Best Wishes & Straight Stitches

Kandyce, Designer & Artist


As a designer, artist, and sewist, my skills and style are always evolving.  But one thing has always remained true I like beautiful, well made things.  I am always working at perfecting my skills with the sewing machine to bring all my best ideas to life.  

- Kandyce

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Original Prom or Party

Things to keep in mind:

Alterations are a great method for achieving the best possible fit, but they are not the same as custom made clothing. There are limits to what can be achieved with alterations.  These limits are dependent upon the original fit and characteristics of the garment being altered.

Sewing for a living is my privilege.  I take great pride in and am passionate about in providing the very best experience I can for all my guests.  To do this on a consistent basis I set certain guideline to ensure I can provide quality results on time and in a professional manner: skillfully, attentively, and joyfully.  To that end:

Clients are scheduled by appointment to insure that no client will be inconvenienced by waiting.  Please arrive on time and call ahead to cancel if you will not be able to make appointments.


Average turn around time for  Bridal & Formal alterations orders is 21-28 days or less.  A 21 day lead time is recommended/ requested.  A minimum of at least a 7 day lead time is required.  Order with less than a 21 day lead times are considered rush orders and may incur additional rush fees.  Orders with less than a 7 day lead time WILL incur a minimum rush fee of 30% and may not be accepted if there is no availability.  We limit the number of garments in one visit/order to 5 pieces to ensure we maintain our turn around average.  Rush orders are limited to one garment and one accessory.

Payment for all alteration orders are due at the time of drop off.  Pricing estimates are listed on our website, but we will provide specific pricing during the drop off fitting.  Guests can choose not to follow through on the order at the end of the drop off appointment with no penalty or pressure.  However, no work can be accepted or begun until required payment is submitted.  We don’t “hold” clothing that is not part of a paid order.

If supplies or fabric are needed such as buttons or a replacement zipper, we will obtain those supplies for the guest as part of our service, but guest is billed for the cost of those items.  Payment for any balance created by billed items is expected before a completed order can be picked up.


Bridal & Formal Wear

Everyone wants to look amazing for their special occasion and it’s great when you have a dress you love and that fits the budget even if it doesn’t fit you exactly the way you want it to.  That’s where Bridal and Formal wear alterations are needed.  These alterations are a little different from basic wardrobe alterations in that they involve specialty fabrics and treatments that require a knowledgeable and experienced professional skilled in handling delicate and expensive fabrics.  They tend to be more of an investment than basic alterations because they require special handling, dedicated machines, and involve multiple layers of fabric and notions combined with labor intensive needle work.  We can perform a variety of alterations on Women’s and children’s specialty gowns and formal wardrobe.  Alterations for Men’s formal clothing are also available but limited.               

With This Light, I Create

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A Designer's Studio for Sewing, Art, Design, and Sewing Education By Kandyce Hudson

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