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InKandycence: The story behind the name

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

In- Kan- dy- cence:


A joyous light born in the heart and imagination of Kandyce Hudson. It's a non-conformist, God given, God assured kind of thing. Some people won't understand. For those who do, thank you for supporting my personal Legend.

We are all born with God Given Gifts, but there are only a few that are celebrated and rewarded in our modern world. It seems at times all I have to share with the world is my enduring hope: my own unique brand of fortitude and persevering light. I have always felt my creative work and artistic point of view have been reflective of that innate and abiding optimism; the tangible proof of the inner light that brightens my natural character, outward countenance, and whimsical imagination. So when I made up my mind, once and for all, to pursue a creative life and career it only made sense to me to choose a business name that was reflective of my natural talent and purpose, thus the name InKandycence (pronounced inkənˈdes(ə)nt/s ) was born.

Since I have some skill with a sewing machine, I decided I would share my light through sewing and making. My personal motto is “With this light I create!”, but it could just as easily be “serving through sewing.” Only when I serve it is not just in the tired, tedious way of industrialized sewing shops. Rather it is the purposeful creation of a tangible representation of my time, my talent, and my thoughts. So when I provide someone something I have made that’s really what I handing them: my time, talent, and thought all combined into a coat, quilt, bag, or any other specialty creation; all made from my most valuable possessions.

Simply stated, InKandycence is what I hope will be many ways to share my light with guests, students, supporters, and even the world.

Thank you for supporting my personal legend.

Best Wishes & Straight Stitches


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