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Adding a Guest

So you are interested in taking one of our classes with a friend or family member, and want to book them for the same class time as you.  What can you do?

Due to our appointment style schedule once a student books a class it becomes impossible for a second student to double book the same date and time.  

But if you want to take classes as a team, the studio can accommodate you,  using the listings provided on this page. 


We can comfortably seat up to two students per class,, and manage up to three max.

First the "Host" Student needs to book the desired class on our main class menu.

Then the "Guest" Student(s) need to book a guest spot using the "Guest Add On" listing on this page.

Youth Students who are adding on to youth class (ages 8-12) will need use the "Youth Guest Add On" listing on this page.

Follow the directions provided in the listing to add the host name and class day ,date, and time in the notes of the booking.

Have Questions?  Contact us at

Remember to book a Host Class on the main class menu before using these listings to book a "Guest Add On"

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