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    Erys is a Designer KMH8 Original Atlas Carry All Bag.  Some of it's distinctive characteristics include a roomy bag interior with 4 panel pockets, and a stylish designer exterior with 2 side pockets and a statement clasp or button closure.  This bag has a semisoft bottom reinforced with plastic canvas and handles that average 13" in length.  Bag is fully lined.  Overall dimensions are approx. 20" x 14"  x 5".


    You dont have to be one of the Fae to recognize Erys is truly unique in color and design.  The brightly woven green/ pink/ metallic wool blend fabric gives this bag it's "magical" look.  The handles and button loop closure are cut from metallic green shantung.   The tortoise shell buckle is trimmed with an ornate butterfly.  It's quirky but it's cool.  This bag is lined ina bright pink satin and is part of a limited edition.  Works great as an ecclectic tote or a darling overnight bag.


    All of our bags are strong and sturdy.  Erys is rated a soft fabric bag for medium to medium-heavy loads.  Avoid loading objects with sharp edges.  

    Erys-Original Atlas Carry All Bag

    SKU: ErysAtlasBag00
    • Uniquely designed, Handmade, Original creation!

      This is part of a Limited Edition.

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