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Made By Me Academy: Our Mission



If you have ever experienced the feeling you get when someone says, "I like your dress (coat, skirt, pants, etc.).", and then you get to reply, "Thank you. I made this.", and you watch as the look of wonder spreads across their face; then you understand why we love to Sew!

If you haven't had that experience but you think you might like to, you've come to the right place. Made By Me Academy was created so that more people who have wanted to try their hand at sewing clothing, crafts, or costumes can learn to do so in a fun, encouraging, and inspiring place.

Made By Me Academy is a beginner to advanced school for Fashion, Sewing, and Design specialized in teaching students how to develop and apply their one of a kind style to clothing, costumes, and a variety of other creative sewing projects. Our classes are focused around sharing and demonstrating practical techniques that will build a student's abilities in three specific areas of creativity:


We teach students how to use a Home Sewing Machine to create professional results for their sewing and fashion projects.


We demonstrate and instruct students on how to use a variety of art mediums to illustrate and communicate their design ideas.


We introduce and consult students on the basics of developing, producing, and then presenting their unique collection of work for viewing, competition, and or purchase by their customer audience.

Beyond teaching students how to get great results in Fashion, Sewing, and Design, Made By Me Academy seeks to enhance every student experience by promoting self confidence, expanding their world of capability, and providing numerous opportunities for creative self expression.

In this way we hope to cultivate a new pool of Southern, Sewing and Design Talent based in Chattanooga, TN.

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