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Introducing Kids Can Sew!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

We have always wanted to expand our Youth Sewing class section, but initially due to the limited operating hours of the studio, the Youth Sewing section was kept small. Now that we have expanded our hours of operation we are excited to offer our youngest sewists ( ages 8- 12) an exciting sewing curriculum tailored just for them.

Introducing Kids Can sew! Sewing projects curated and tailored just for younger sewists. The academy is excited to incorporate this program because it takes so much of the guesswork out of what projects are both interesting and appropriate for the younger set.

Features of the Kids Can Sew Program include:

Organized student curriculum, with multiple skill levels. All projects included in the curriculum have been specifically designed to enhance the STEM learning process. Kids are not just doing crafts, they are involved in hands-on problem based learning, while having a little fun. (Actually a lot of fun 🙂)

Each curriculum level is organized into a curated project based workbook, with color illustrated instructions, and 6-8 professionally printed patterns, some of which students can tailor to their clothing size.

Workbooks are easy for kids ages 8 years and up to read. They explain pattern, cutting, and sewing concepts in an easy to follow “kid centric” perspective. The step by step instructions are aided by appealing symbols, and easy to follow diagrams.

The workbooks also provide the added benefit of keeping youth students organized, by helping them keep track of their progress, motivating them to want to move on to the next project, and help them stay involved in sewing.

Youth students will enjoy using the books in class, but may also feel empowered to practice their skills, using the book on their own, outside of class as well. Because sewing is a repetition based skill set, as in the more they practice, the better and better they will get, the book becomes a key tool in building their confidence and improving their results.

Imagine your own young sewist ( that includes girls and boys) making their own age appropriate, fun and fashionable clothing, craft, and accessory projects.

When they come to class they can work on the projects at a pace and in an order that suits their skill and interest level, under the guidance of an attentive instructor and coach. They can also choose to repeat favorite projects on their own. Once a book is purchased for them, the workbook and the accompanying patterns are theirs to keep and use in class as well as at home.

Ready to sign up? Here are some key guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Kids can sew is recommended for ages 8-12, but can really be used by kids, teens, and adults who just want to learn some basic clothing construction. Keep in mind however that the sizes of the patterns included in the workbook will fit child bodies ranging from extra small to large. Measurements range as follows: CHEST = 22”-36”, HIPS =22”-38”, and the waists in most of the designs are loose fitting but would not exceed the hip measurements

2. If your child (or you) are a brand new beginner we recommend taking the “Introduction to the sewing machine" class found under the Youth Starters category, before signing up for a Level 1 or Level 2 Youth Kids Can Sew Curriculum course.

3. Each child will need their own personal copy of the workbook, even if they are siblings and or are coming to the same session together.

4. Students order their workbook directly with the studio. Payment for the workbook is due at time of ordering.

5. Please allow 7-10 days for the workbook to arrive via shipping. Workbooks are ordered in small bulk quantities from the publisher, Kids Can Sew & Fashion Design Inc, and then distributed individually to each student, as they place their order with the studio. If the workbook is out of stock at the studio, then the requested lead time provides enough time for the studio to get the workbook shipped before the student's next class. In some instances, the studio may request the student wait to book their next class, until the ordered workbook arrives.

6. Kids Can Sew Workbooks average around $47 per book, but prices can vary depending on the publisher. Made By Me Academy is not a retailer of the workbooks, we only charge students what the publisher charges us. However if you consider that each workbook has an average of 6 patterns per workbook and can be used to make an average of 8 projects, that means each pattern and project is costing about $8 per pattern. That is actually less than the average commercial pattern in your local fabric store, and these workbook patterns are especially kid friendly.

7. While times vary students should be able to use the book for at least 4-6 months, depending on how frequently they attend class. Older and independent students who work between classes may finish faster, but most youth students will finish one project per month or in 4-6 sessions.

Still have questions? Need to order a workbook? Contact the studio @ We will do our best to respond quickly with additional info and instructions.

You can also read more about Kids Can Sew workbooks on the publisher's page:

Best Wishes & Straight Stitches


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