A Stitch from the Heart: Sewing a Custom Greeting Card

Sometimes I don't know where I get these ideas, but when it came to making a Father's Day

This specially crafted card looks almost good enough to eat.

card for my sweetheart's Dad I decided to do something creative and custom.

The first thing that was decided on was a Father's Day breakfast. From there I got this idea about finding a funny greeting card about pancakes. Again can't say why I got stuck on that particular theme but when something is novel, fun, and challenging I can't seem to resist.

So I started googling pancake themed gifts and while nothing that ever comes up on Google searches should surprise me anymore, I was surprised to find pages filled with ideas for stitched felt pancakes which kids use as "play food". It is actually really cool how talented some artists and sewists are, making everything from felt fruit to felt cupcakes and felt bacon; there was even a felt "scrambled eggs". It all looked so real and imaginative, I wished I was young enough to play with felt food.....That's when the idea to create a 3-D felt pancake card came to mind. I had never done anything like that before but after studying a few pictures of felt pancakes I felt confident enough to give it a try.

Anytime I am creating something from scratch I find it useful to draw a sketch just so I can have a visual idea of what exactly I am trying to achieve and also how big it should be.

First I started with a sketch of my card design

Once you have a pretty good sketch you can actually start to create a pattern by simply tracing the sketch and then cutting out the required felt pieces from different colored felt.

In this instance I decided to start with some cotton batting that reminded me of the color of the edge of pancakes. Since I wanted my card to be 3-D, I decided to cut 2 layers of batting for each pancake. Then I layered on a nice golden brown felt to create the illusion of a crispy griddled side. I thought 4 would make a good tall stack.

Next, I had to start creating a card cover I could place my pancakes on. I suppose it would be possible to make the entire card from fabric, by embroidering the message on cloth and all that, but in this case I decided keeping the actual card part made from "cardstock" and simply covering it would be better (aka. easier). To do that I simply measured the dimensions of my card stock and then cut pieces that covered those dimensions + the seam allowance. I had already written and printed my message on the pre-selected cardstock. I determined doing this before I began making the cover was best. It is easier to make the cover to fit the card, than it is to make the card fit the cover. I decided to also create a fabric plate for the pancakes to rest on. I used a small scrap, but a fat quarter works well for this purpose as well.

Finally, after my plate was in place I began to layer and stitch down the pancakes along their top edge. I wanted the lower sides and edges to keep their "fluffy" appearance. Once the pancakes were secure, I used a scrap of metallic tissue fabric to create the "syrup", and yellow felt to add the "butter". The results were almost good enough to eat. I finished the interior sides of the cover and inserted my pre-printed message, which I also wrote myself. But I am sure if I had needed to I could have "Googled" some ideas online.

The Final Results?.....I am calling this a success! Not bad for a improvised idea.

Custom Sewn Greeting Card
Final Touch I added a personalized monogram in felt letters

The funniest part of all is we didn't end up going to breakfast. We had a Thai dinner instead. LOL!! Oh well it didn't seem to matter. The recipient still loved it.

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